Top Digital Marketing Tools

Top Digital Marketing Tools

For the growth of your company, it's essential to discover new digital marketing tools, which can be found on the internet and are designed to manage customer relationships. There are also more specialized options that include design tools and keyword trackers to facilitate your work.

Here's a list of top digital marketing tools that will take your professional work to the next level:

  1. Marketing Hub
  2. CMS Hub + Free HubSpot Hosting
  3. CloudApp
  4. Pixabay
  5. Ahrefs
  6. Proof

Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub offers both free versions and plans starting from $45 per month, and it is available in Spanish.

It provides various tools to help your business grow, regardless of the stage it's in. This platform allows you to increase website traffic, convert leads, and optimize the return on investment from your marketing campaigns.

What is Marketing Hub Used For?

Marketing Hub is part of the HubSpot platform and serves as a marketing automation solution. It helps businesses create and execute campaigns, track customer behavior, segment audiences, personalize content, and measure performance through detailed analytics.

CMS Hub + Free HubSpot Hosting

CMS Hub offers free versions and plans starting from $23 per month, and it's available in Spanish.

This service includes content management and free hosting, allowing you to easily create your website without any prior knowledge. You can choose a template and select the elements you want to use. This allows you to establish your digital presence and attract customers.

What is CMS Hub + Free HubSpot Hosting Used For?

When combined with free hosting, it provides solutions for web content management. CMS Hub enables users to create and edit websites easily with an intuitive interface and flexible design tools.

It simplifies online presence management, ensuring optimal performance, security, and speed while saving time and resources, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content and lead generation.


CloudApp offers free versions and plans starting from $9.95 per month, and it is available in English.

It is a cloud-based alternative suitable for any type of business. CloudApp allows you to record your screen and share videos with others via a link.

This feature is beneficial for creating quick tutorials for your products or services and enhancing communication with your team.

What is CloudApp Used For?

CloudApp allows users to efficiently capture and share information. You can quickly create screen captures, screen recordings, animated GIFs, and annotations on images to convey ideas within your team.

CloudApp is particularly useful in remote and collaborative work environments, streamlining communication and information sharing in a simpler and more visual way, improving productivity and understanding among team members.

This top digital marketing tools list includes free versions as well:


Pixabay offers a free version and is available in Spanish.

With Pixabay, you can search for photos, images, illustrations, videos, and more.

Simply enter keywords related to what you have in mind, and thousands of options will be available for you to choose from. To download high-resolution images, registration with an email address is required.

What is Pixabay Used For?

As an online platform, Pixabay provides access to a vast library of images, videos, illustrations, and music for both personal and commercial projects.

Pixabay is used to enhance the appeal of websites, blogs, presentations, and advertisements by allowing users to find and download visual content without worrying about copyright issues.


Ahrefs offers plans starting from $99 per month and is available in English.

It is a comprehensive SEO tool that helps increase your website's traffic. It contains information on over 2 billion keywords in 171 countries.

Ahrefs provides analysis to identify who is leading the rankings, which pages are the most visited, and what features customers request the most. It also shows on which platforms your content excels and identifies the main weaknesses to improve and make it more competitive.

What is Ahrefs Used For?

Ahrefs allows users to research backlink visibility and quality, conduct keyword analysis, track search engine rankings, and explore competitor performance. Therefore, it's an indispensable tool in the top digital marketing tools list.


Proof offers plans starting from $97 per month and is available in English.

Proof integrates with your CRM or website and provides social proof to increase your website's traffic. It achieves this by implementing social proof messaging (e.g., "40 people are viewing this post right now").

These visit counters and notifications enhance customers' positive perception of your brand.

What is Proof Used For?

Proof helps increase visitor trust on your website by displaying real-time notifications of other users' activity, such as recent purchases, sign-ups, or interactions on the page.

These real-time notifications serve as social proof, highlighting previous visitors' positive activity and encouraging new visitors to make a purchase or subscribe. It's a highly useful tool, which is why it's included in our top digital marketing tools list.

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